Christmas Tree Prices

Willy’s prices are the cheapest around. Our prices start at just $60 for a perfect four foot high tree (1.2m).

4ft (1.2m)

  • $60

5ft (1.5m)

  • $70

6ft (1.8m)

  • $85

7ft (2.1m)

  • $100

8ft (2.4m)

  • $120

9ft (2.7m)

  • $150

Christmas Tree Stands

There are cheaper stands out there but they tend to crack and leak. We have a range of quality stands that will last you many years. They have large water wells so you are not having to water the tree ever day.


  • Fits 4ft & 5ft


  • Fits 6ft & 7ft


  • Fits 8ft & 9ft